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Frequent Visitors Must Indulge in These Activities in Rome

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

 Frequent Visitors Must Indulge in These Activities in Rome

Have you travelled to the eternal city a couple of times already? Then, you must have explored all the celebrated locations. Starting from enjoying the breathtaking sites during the tour of the Colosseum to participating in the watery-fun during the tour of the Trevi Fountain, you have, by now, experienced the best of Rome. But this city holds an inexhaustible chest of treasure for those who keep coming back. Regardless of how many times you have walked down the twisting lanes, you’ll find something new and stimulating to do each time. Below are some familiar but interesting activities that might appeal to exploring travelers.


You must have noticed the free-spirited locals journeying the streets in a scooter. Does your heart long to take in the loveliness of Rome from the back of a scooter too, while the gentle breeze soothes your skin? Then, all you need to do is download the app Scooterino, book a ride to your destination and hop on behind the driver! No need to worry because you’re in safe hands of a trained driver, whose rating you can check prior to the ride.

If you’re in for an exclusive adventure with your partner a few hours from Rome, then book a car and head straight to Tuscany. The balloon rides there offer some superb views.


Rome is artistic to its very core. And the shopping scene is no exception. While strolling through her lanes, step inside one of the numerous boutiques and be wooed by unique creations.

Among the big marketplaces, Campo de’ Fiori is loved for its garden-fresh produce, while Lela Casa market presents an aesthetic collection of good quality household items, ceramics, fabrics and more.


The food scene in Rome is rich, diverse and utterly delicious. And hopefully, you’ve already tried a good number of authentic Italian dishes. No doubt there are hundreds more still to be tasted, but if you crave for Italian delicacies back in your hometown, why not sign up for Italian cooking classes?

To know where you can learn to cook like a local with ease, click here:


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